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                                    (In Cyberspace)


          Hi!..And,  WELCOME -- to the 'New Wall-Street' from 'Cyberspace'... As everyone knows, all across the United States and all around the world there is a growing demand by the everyday, ordinary citizens -- who are being deprived and denied of a decent way of life; whereby many millions of people are being compelled to live and exist under deplorable conditions which are tantamount to abject poverty -- while the 1% of the few (who virtually pay little or no taxes) live and enjoy boundless excesses of ('La Dolce Vita') 'The Sweet Life'!..  

          The basic fundamental differences have become so great, that  many of those who are suffering from the hardships and deprivations have decided to take their complaints out into the streets to Protest and make their voices heard; So that, as we have seen during the past few weeks, there has been an enormous swelling of outrage and crowds of Uprisings all over the globe!..    But, the big, yet to be resolved question appears to be: How will it all end?  Will the masses of Pro-testers gain any positive and/or long-lasting results?..  

          Now, if we have ever learned anything from history, one thing we can rely upon is that for every 'Action' there will be an equal and positive or negative 'Re-action' so, if those persons involved in this Movement really expect to bring about an effective and long-lasting result, they will have to put in place some basic and concrete motivat-ing-factor which will ensure that their objectives are sustainable over an extended period of time; and, which must be backed-up by some sort of well-grounded and equally motivating-incentive!..  

          Now, everybody understands that money is one of the greatest and powerful motivating tools that mankind has ever invented; so, why shouldn't we start with a sure thing?.. And, in this regard, suppose we start with the sources of great wealth, to wit: the huge corporations that exist all over the world! And, nobody can deny that no corporation or organization could exist, if the masses of people who purchase their Products and Services no longer do business with them!. That is why they advertise and promote the sale and use of their products and services. And, to remain com-petitive and stay in business they all must constantly sustain growth and not allow themselves to stagnate; so, what they do --is they all allocate and set-aside funds which they derive from their earnings and profits, to provide for new-materials, tools; research and development; and Advertising  for future-growth; and, therein  may  lie  the  key  for  establishing  a  New Com-monwealth! Because, neither the Wealth of 'Capital' nor the Wealth of 'Labor' can exist one without the other.

            So, now, to set an example and bridge the gap between the 1% of those that 'Have' and the 99% of those that 'Have-Not' -- the 'Shoppers Emporium'  has  decided  to  establish   'An Experiment In Democracy' whereby it (Shoppers Emporium) will deduct 3 out of every $1.00 that it makes in profits  --  to establish a Subsidiary-Company which will be jointly owned by the company  (Shoppers Emporium) and YOU its (Reliable and Loyal) Customers!..

          Therefore, it may be safe to say that the 'Protesters' have been heard! You have stood-fast and raised your voices in har-mony and unison, and you have demonstrated that the 1% of Capital cannot exist without the 99% of Labor; and, as a result it is time 'to come in out of the cold' and change and adjust your strategy!.. You have let it be known that unless you are compen-sated for your loyal patronage and support, you will no longer support the Lewd and Lascivious Greed (along with its Impact on Politics) of those who will not share the wealth. So, now, it is time to begin only shopping when and where you are given some sort of compensation for your Loyal Support and Patronage ---such as where you are rewarded with 'Stock-Stamps' and/or 'Promissory-Stock-Coupons' instead of phony Rebates, and (Price-Inflating) Discount-Coupons, and False 2 for 1 deals --which have all been previously-computerized into the Inflated Actual Cost of the items on sale. Because, only the 99% really have the Power to bring about the changes that are needed!..


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